Thriving with Mindfulness in the Digital Age

October 28th - Thriving with Mindfulness in the Digital Age

“The question is are you using these devices or are the devices using you.”

Welcome to the Live Chat show – The Digital Mind of Tomorrow with Isabella

Topic: Thriving with Mindfulness in the Digital Age
Guest: Jay Abbasi, Founder of Jay Abbasi Consulting, Former Tesla Program Manager

The consequences of being constantly interrupted by today’s hyper-connected digital lifestyle are a chronic state of anxiety, stress, busyness, and a general sense of restlessness. More than ever, we need to start paying more attention to our physical and even more critically, our mental well-being.

Great work does not come out of business, intensity, or anxiety, it comes out of peace of mind and clarity.

The conversation covers these points:
– What is mindfulness?
– What are the top challenges professionals face, and what are the reasons?
– What are the key qualities to possess to create success in a fast-changing world?
– How to remain peaceful and gain clarity in the chaotic (information-overloaded) digital age?
– What is your advice to achieve a healthy balance in life?

Thanks for joining us to discover the digital mind of tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy the conversation:)


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