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Main Questions

Is human thinking the foundation of everything?

What will unite humanity again?

Does the evolution of technology degenerate human thinking?

How to bridge the gap between knowledge and wisdom?

Discussion Topics

Younger Generation

Identity Crisis

Digital Culture


Future Strategy


Why Technology is the Emerging Superpower

Technology is one of the most important things to have ever happened to human evolution. There are new technological benefits to embrace every day that make our living and working more accessible and better. In the digital transformation field where I work, technology makes our communication much more productive. It also helps us stand out ...

Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation

The digital age has created many new terms and buzzwords. We are talking buzzwords such as the cloud, AI, IoT, and As a Service. Digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation have also become part of the connected world's lingua franca. That said, few of these word's users can tell what the difference is between them. They use ...

Ways COVID-19 Transformed The World

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for each one of us. We are going through the worst humanitarian crisis in over a century, causing the restructuring of our society and global economic order. COVID-19 has shaken up the business landscape, and the impact fast-tracked the process of moving to a digital era overnight. The rise ...

The Next Normal – The Recovery Will Be Digital

Tsunamis wipe out things quietly and quickly without giving you time to prepare and react. This is exactly how the year 2020 showed us – the overnight change. Throughout history, the most important lessons emerge from the worst humanitarian challenges. Understanding the development of human evolution motivates us to reflect on what digital transformation really ...