Isabella Thinks™

Main Questions

Is human thinking the foundation of everything?

What will unite humanity again?

Does the evolution of technology degenerate human thinking?

How to bridge the gap between knowledge and wisdom?

Discussion Topics

Younger Generation

Identity Crisis

Digital Culture


Future Strategy


A Survivor of a Man-Made Trap

I was a good student until high school. Truth be told, I struggled to pretend to be an A student until I reached high school, to the point when I finally snapped and something drastic happened. Even though I rarely share it, I chose to do so in my recently published book, "The Digital Mind ...

But What Was the Question, Exactly?

Every day, we are overwhelmed with answers aimed at making the world a better place. But the question is whether they are actually improving the world. Are we simply too far gone for these solutions to work? We have been racing to the future for decades, if not centuries, to find solutions. But what was ...

Jobs and Marketing on Metaverse – An Epic Need for Recruiting

Metaverse is no longer science fiction and tech giants are betting their collective future on being able to build, operate and market on it. Such massive communal cyberspace requires people who understand the realm and can provide leading-edge marketing initiatives. Participants must work with capable recruiters to source and hire the needed talent. It is ...

The Digital Empire Calling – Metaverse

Imagine calling your friends via AR glasses, and moments later, you are all dressed up and appeared in front of a mountain trail 20 miles away, ready for short hiking. You all decided to join an in-progress culture event in another corner of the virtual space an hour later. Changing outfit for your avatar in ...