The Future of Education in the Age of AI with Ron Slee, Managing Partner at LWS

The Future of Education in the Age of AI with Ron Slee, Managing Partner at LWS

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Topic: The Future of Education in the Age of AI
Guest: Ron Slee, Managing Partner at LWS

– How do you define education? Meaning? Goal? Purpose?
– What are the challenges/misunderstandings in today’s education?
– What are the everyday struggles do you see among today’s workforce?
– People are worried about being replaced by machines at the workplace. What’s your thought on that?
– How did the digital revolution transform your work and related industries? – How do you envision the future of education?
– Why does AI matter?
– What advice do you have for business leaders and professionals?

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About Ron Slee: As a third-generation educator, it is easy to say that teaching and training are in the blood of Ron Slee. From his beginnings as a coach, through his time at McGill University, Ron developed a foundation for his work today.

Ron began his work in the Capital Goods Industry in Canada, finally establishing his consulting business, R.J. Slee and Associates, in 1980. The company moved to the United States in 1983 and has continued worldwide ever since. Ron has been known as the industry expert for years and has brought this expertise to bear through his training programs. Today, Ron provides specialized, job function-based online training classes, skills assessments, seminars, and webinars. These courses are designed for manufacturers and their dealers and independent businesses in the construction equipment, light industrial, on-highway, engine, and agricultural industries through Learning Without Scars. This platform is a continuation of the work begun by Quest, Learning Centers, which was established in 1996. Ron has appeared as a keynote speaker for Caterpillar, John Deere (Industrial and Agriculture), various agricultural associations and construction equipment associations, as well as the National Trailer Dealers Association and the National Truck Equipment Association.

Ron also conducts market research for the industry and has written numerous articles on pertinent subjects relating to market penetration, productivity, and dealer profitability, including monthly columns in the Construction Equipment Distribution magazine and Water Well Journal and other manufacturers publications, i.e., “The Supporter” at Volvo. Sitting on advisory and fiduciary boards round out Ron’s business activities.


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