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“I am thrilled about bright thinkers like Isabella. Great effort in stepping up as our next-generation thought leader! “

– Tony Zambito, Founder of the BUYER PERSONA, strategist, and futurist

Isabella is on a mission to humanize the world by leveraging the power of technology. She is paving the way for sustainable business and life, from her expert knowledge of digital transformation to her visionary work in her debut book, The Digital Mind of Tomorrow™. Isabella brings a challenging voice to the historic turning point when the future goes beyond understanding and its impact on individuals, businesses, and society.

Isabella has years of experience working with industry leaders and building business communities with a combined network of one million members. Isabella’s forward-thinking approach is also demonstrated in her work as a Partner at the Creative House, a creative digital company, and as a Board Member and Operations Director at the New York Marketing Association.

Isabella is dedicated to supporting ambitious individuals and businesses to unlock growth in a world of change through game-changing strategies, thought leadership, technology, and resource sharing. She has a weekly show, Top Minds™, where she interviews impactful bright thinkers to rethink the future of humanity as a consequence of evolving technology.

She LOVES nature more than anything and enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, meditation, and smoky red wines.


Passionate to building communities with a combined network of one million members


“Isabella is a forward-thinker with digital expertises and is a delight to work with at our events. DMWF look forward to inviting Isabella to join us again at future DMWF events.

– Rachael Reid, Portfolio Director – DMWF Events & MarketingTech


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“…Isabella’s insights on digital transformation, emerging technology, and the future of business will open your eyes to what could be achieved when we examine our relationship with technology.”

– Howard Tiersky, WSJ Bestselling Author, Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencer, CEO of FROM

The Book

“Isabella’s mind-opening book is more relevant than ever….. In this intelligent and exciting new book, take a fresh look at how digitization has impacted humanity.”

– Björn Radde, Vice President Digital Experience at T-Systems International, International Author & Speaker